Safety First: Maintenance Precautions for Educational Photocopiers

Safety First: Maintenance Precautions for Educational Photocopiers

Photocopiers are used by institutions of education for a range of different reasons. Copyright laws and university guidelines prohibit some forms of copying.

In the classroom there is a need to be efficient with time. As opposed to waiting on an article to be distributed by the library professor could save time by copying the document and dispersing it him-self.


Photocopiers offer a wonderful option to cut costs for schools, who often are faced with the challenge of having a limited budget. By consolidating and streamlining printing systems, applying sustainable practices and proactively managing upkeep, schools are able to find hidden savings that can contribute to improving the learning experience of students.

Modern multifunctional printers (MFPs) enable for teachers and students to print documents directly onto the flash drive or send emails to them. This reduces the manually filed documents, waste of paper cost, energy consumption and storage space. Most of the most modern MFPs are also equipped with enhanced security features to ensure that confidential data is not being misused by a third party.

Utilizing programs like PaperCut as well as Dispatcher Paragon allows administrators to track and manage print volumes, allowing for specific black and color quotas for each department, building, or an individual user. It can reduce unnecessary spending and is a way to reduce waste in schools. These real-time statistics can also used to develop policies which encourage responsible print behavior. This is crucially important this in schools, where the infringement of copyright by students or professors can be serious and have legal implications.

Use of photocopiers to print teaching materials

The photocopier can be set to print monoprint, or color (black-and-white). They utilize a dry powder called toner in order to print duplicates of documents. The process works with two things: static electricity and heat. The light beams on text or images, and provides them with positively charged electrical charges. The heat then bonded the toner with the paper creating copies.

Copyright Act permits educators to photographcopy copies of copyrighted material for classroom use without approval from the source If they can be reasonably convinced that they are in line with the doctrine that is “fair use”. The Act’s confounding language and lack of any case law has created a lot of confusion regarding what constitutes fair usage.

Schools should talk to a Service Engineer for the recommended monthly cycle. Overriding the suggested monthly cycle can cause the printer wear out faster and damage it. Also, it is suggested that teachers and staff are informed on how to design teaching tools to allow for double-sided printing.

The use of administrative terms

Copiers are one of the equipments that are most used in schools, regardless of whether printing out student work, reports or spreadsheets. Copiers are an excellent feature for schools as they can provide lots of functionality.

Multifunctional printers enable you to scan directly into folders of the internet, or even email documents. This decreases the waste of paper in addition to energy use as well as manual filing. They can also be used to increase text size to aid students who have particular learning needs.

Certain schools have guidelines for how faculty may photocopy. In this instance, UNR recommends that faculty “exercise good judgment in avoiding photocopying works that fall under fair use without explicit consent for each individual work.” A well-chosen printed service that is managed or Print Monitoring software can help manage these resources by ensuring supplies are stocked only as necessary and the orders get routed directly to the correct printers, copiers MFPs as well as printers.

Photocopier maintenance

Maintaining a photocopier is essential to keep its working order. Cleaning it regularly can eliminate dirt and avoid issues such as Thue may photocopy mau printing jams and poor quality. Additionally, you should use high-quality paper for the copier you are using. This will reduce crinkling and overall wear and tear, saving your money in the long term.

Make sure that the machine has been cooled off after it was recently used before conducting any repair. It can help prevent injuries from the heat or electric shock.

The majority of schools have photocopiers. They cannot function without regular maintenance. Gulf Coast Office Products provides high-quality copiers, multifunction printers and managed print service to educational institutions. Call us to find out more about our solutions.